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One the 12th Day of Christmas

What a failure.  All I had to do was post 12 posts before January 6th (the epiphany) and I couldn’t even make that happen.  That’s not a good sign of the year to come or is it?  This is the … Continue reading

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On the 11th Day of Christmas…

So this is when the pipers piped.  I jumped the gun a bit and only gave nine of them credit and neglected the dancing ladies all together.  Ah what can you do?   As a karmic punishment, when I went out … Continue reading

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

…this started getting old.  12 days of Christmas seems excessive, 12 days of blogging is tiresome.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t have this disjointed them running.  Lords a leaping and geese a laying isn’t exactly interesting stuff. … Continue reading

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas…

How often do you see any swans a swimming let alone seven of them?  Well I actually did one day.  I was taking a lunch time walk along the river and lo and behold, there were seven full grown swans … Continue reading

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On the Third Day…

Three French hens?  I do like chicken but opted for a burger today for lunch.  There’s a new burger joint close to work and my friend Ken and I went for lunch and then for a quick run through the … Continue reading

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