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I’m exhausted and it’s only Thursday.  Luckily (and unluckily) I’ve got a slow few days ahead as far as comedy goes.  I can’t however figure out when I’ll be able to get enough sleep since my early morning are spoken … Continue reading

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It’s 5:17AM and I am sitting alone in my office building and I’ve been here for more than an hour.  Every once in a while I have to work strange hours and I don’t mind it because I like the … Continue reading

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I love Sundays.  Sunday is the day I most look forward to because I give myself the whole day off.  I spent the week working my rent paying job and week nights honing my comedy.  I spend Saturdays running errands, … Continue reading

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Morning Adventure

I woke up around six this morning and began my normal routine.  I was a bit more sluggish than normal and running a bit late but was trudging along.  I was sipping my coffee in my bathrobe as the iron … Continue reading

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Morning Person

I had to be at work today by 4:45 AM.  That doesn’t happen often but sometimes it’s got to be done.  I set my alarm 4:15 AM which gave me only 15 minutes to get ready so I all but … Continue reading

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