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The Condex

I live in a condex which is trend around this area. People are breaking up multi-family houses and selling them piece by piece. Mine is a side by side two family house. I own one half and someone else owns … Continue reading

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My Neighborhood

It’s been six months now and I still haven’t adjusted to my new home. Actually that’s not accurate. I love the building itself and I like my new bedroom and office and closet room. I love the flowers in my … Continue reading

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My Loop

I am trying to acclimate to my new town.   Moving from a two Starbucks town to a thirteen Dunkin Donuts suburban city has required some adjustments.  I’ve accepted that people here wear bedroom slippers to the liquor store.  We didn’t … Continue reading

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Strange Man Chatter

There’s been a sudden increase of man chat lately.  There is a particular group of men who are in their early forties and married with young children who congregate on the other side of my cubicle wall and spend a … Continue reading

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Holiday Giving

This time of year in particular I am reminded of how many people are in need.  So every year I seek out charities that resonate with me and I give what I can.  On top of that  I put a … Continue reading

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Work Place Privacy

I work in a sea of cubicles.  There are literally over 100 of them housing a vast sea of workers.  It looks like a shanty town with plants growing above the walls and coats hung in the doorways and despite … Continue reading

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Morning Adventure

I woke up around six this morning and began my normal routine.  I was a bit more sluggish than normal and running a bit late but was trudging along.  I was sipping my coffee in my bathrobe as the iron … Continue reading

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