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One the 12th Day of Christmas

What a failure.  All I had to do was post 12 posts before January 6th (the epiphany) and I couldn’t even make that happen.  That’s not a good sign of the year to come or is it?  This is the … Continue reading

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A Golden Night

It was a golden night last night at the Comedy Studio.   Sean Sullivan, a person favorite comic and person, hosts the Thursday night shows which are sometimes tough with small crowds and lots of newer comics.  Last night was … Continue reading

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Keep at It

It’s Friday night and I have just completed my third month of my new job. Before I started there I was hesitant. I was afraid of all that the change would bring and it turns out I was right and … Continue reading

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Second Life

I’m always more interested in someone’s second life.  I think we got lost somewhere in the first life.  We bury ourselves in what we should be and forget who we are.  It’s easy to get on the path, the path … Continue reading

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Implementing the Plan

I’m six weeks into my new job and today I start the three year plan.  The job is everything I expected.  It’s work I already know how to do.  The projects are coming and I’m finding my way.  That’s what … Continue reading

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Another Saturday Night

So again it’s Saturday afternoon and it’s the first chance I’ve had again to write. Well, write here. I wrote another She Budget’s article this week which will come out tomorrow. It’s a good one but as Bob and I … Continue reading

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In the Stream

This week I started a new job. It is essentially the exact same job I had for the last 12 years but in a different place. Sure the business is different but the work is the same. Analytics is analytics. … Continue reading

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