Humanity on the Fall

Something seems awry in the world. I’m not talking about global warming or terrorism or any other news worthy condition. I’m just talking about people. People are rude and no one seems to notice or care enough to point it out but I do and so I will.

The grocery store seems to be a place that rudeness abounds. It seems that once those doors swing open and you start pushing a cart, all rules of civility vanish. People even forget that we live in a right handed society. You drive on the right side of the road, you walk on the right edge of the sidewalk, your go through the right side of a double door. You should therefore push your cart down the right side of the isle. Most people do this but without fail in each aisle there is one person on the wrong side and not on the wrong side while passing a park cart, a person just driving down the wrong side of the isle because they have no regard for order or the other eight people who are in the aisle. Sure there is a chance that these people are English which is why they intuitively go for the left, but if they paid attention to the other people they could see they are in the wrong and should scoot over to the right.

Those aren’t even the worst of the shoppers. I’m particularly fascinated by the people who are so self absorbed and oblivious to others that they will walk up and stand right in front of me blocking all views and access to the mustards while searching for the perfect accompaniment to their freshly sliced deli ham. Did you not see me standing there in a five foot wide aisle browsing the mustard myself?  No problem, I’ll just wait until you are done.  You’re welcome.

I also like the people who think a trip to Market Basket on a Saturday afternoon should be a family event. Why wouldn’t you want to bring your husband, infant and toddle to the grocery store when everyone who lives in a five mile radius is there too. And certainly let the little fellow pick out his favorite canned vegetable despite the fact that he has no idea what vegetable he is picking while you stand back watching, blocking the aisle and thinking he is adorable. Just so you know, they rest of us don’t think he’s all that cute and think you should should have to eat that whole can of soggy mushrooms that he picked with a spoon right out of the can because you are an dink.

Rudeness certainly runs beyond the grocery store. I stopped at a crosswalk the other day so someone could cross the street. I guess the person behind me didn’t think that was the right thing to do because he sat on his horn for the 45 seconds that it took for the lady to cross the street. Hey stranger, it’s the law to stop at crosswalks and is that 45 seconds worth 2 people now thinking you are a jerk? Beyond the nameless strangers that I find to be rude, there are people who aren’t strangers whose lack of regard for others is equally mystifying to me. For example, the co-owner, Kristy Russell, of the condo building I live in owes me $450 for her share of some repairs that I arranged and paid for with her agreement. She’s opted not to pay me despite several requests on my part and a small claims court hearing. What a role model to children of the public system that she teaches in. Lesson learned there – don’t trust your neighbors. Even in professional settings, there are creeps. I did a comedy show back in August for Susan Alexander who said she’d pay me $150. She seems to have paid the other comics, yet I haven’t seen a check. Funny that she also won’t answer any of my emails about the situation. A mutual friend that I mentioned this too even talked to Susan about it. Eve with a little peer pressure and still nothing.

How is it possible that the world has come to this? How have people forgotten that we are all here sharing the same planet, the same roadways, the same space. We are individuals and at the same time a part of a whole. Think about that the next time you cut someone in line at CVS or cut someone off in a parking lot or you’re just downright rude. Ask yourself, is that how I want to be treated or my wife or child to be treated? Probably not, so just stop at the crosswalk next time.

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