Weather Rant

I’m a New Englander and our weather changes 4 times a year. We’re seasonal people. We have spring, summer, winter and fall – although I generally say them in that order, that’s not the order the occur. Now it is winter time. It snows in the winter time. Every year it snows in the winter. We have different clothes that we wear this time of year. We keep those clothes in our attics during the summer. We hide away the heavy sweaters and flannel lined jean, long underwear and big boots so we are not reminded of the months that we spend wearing bulky layers and knit hats.

I’m not one to complain about the weather. I could live in San Diego or Tuscon or Austin, but instead I choose to live here where, as mentioned above, it snows. When I was little there was a great blizzard called the Blizzard of ’78. People still talk about it today. Schools were shut for days, people ran out of milk and bread and the snow piles were over my head. In 1978 the 30 day snow total was 58.8 inches.

This year the 17 day snow total is 71.8 inches and I don’t even know if that includes the foot of snow we got last night. In a little over 2 weeks we’ve gotten enough snow to break a 37 year old record. I am at my snow breaking point. I don’t mind wearing boots every day or my puffy jacket. I am even almost fine with the bitter cold because I know those days are ending soon enough. I’m even getting used to the apocalyptic like lines at the grocery store whenever the news even hints at a furry. What I can’t take anymore is the gigantic piles of snow. Just like in 1978, they are over my head but in 1978 my head was 4 feet lower to the ground. The piles make shoveling an Olympic high throwing event. I have to take a running start to just toss a single shovelful making the pile even higher. They are hazardous as well. I can’t see around the snow plow pile at the end of my driveway making leaving home even even less appealing than it already is. Pedestrians are risking their lives walking down the street and parking lots have become obstacle courses. We will have snow piles still melting well into June.

OK I’m done.  That’s my rant about the snow. I am a New Englander so I shouldn’t be complaining, but I am also a Bostonian and that’s what we do.

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