Magical Week

Boy have I had a great week.  Casting aside all the worries and woes and stress from my day job, I got to see my work bestie win an award for her hard work and dedication at the company’s annual banquet; my team won the great Pumpkin Carving Challenge of 2014; and then the most exciting thing happened outside of work.  I landed one of the best Saturday night gigs that I could hope for.  I get to be a magician’s assistant.  I know right?  Awesome!

My love for magic started several years ago when I was the Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Sq.  As the comic in residence I got to perform at every show at the club for a month.  Tuesday nights this delightfully charming club turns into the Mystery Lounge.  I got to perform at these shows for a month as well.  Having never seen a magic show I figured there would be some rabbits pulled from hats, some card tricks and maybe one of those rainbow colored feather bouquets hidden up a sleeve. Boy was I wrong.  That night I saw things that were simply amazing and beyond that I met some of the most talented and charismatic showmen that I have ever encountered.  I’ve tried to convince people that these shows are incredible, but I think the notion of tie dyed scarfs and coins being pulled from behind an ear run too deep for most to be swayed.  I won’t go down that path, but you should go to the Mystery Lounge.

I’ve seen many shows since, many of the same magicians and many of the same tricks, and my admiration for the magicians has only grown.  So when I happened upon the opportunity to be someone’s assistant, I jumped at the chance.  I don’t know what Saturday night will bring, but it will certainly be another adventure.

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