On the 11th Day of Christmas…

So this is when the pipers piped.  I jumped the gun a bit and only gave nine of them credit and neglected the dancing ladies all together.  Ah what can you do?   As a karmic punishment, when I went out for coffee at lunchtime, it was 24 degrees, but according to the weather website it felt “like 11 degrees”.  I say anything below 28 degrees feels like 11 degrees or even 4 degrees for that matter.  My body only knows that it is too cold to do much.

It’s these cold days that I like to hibernate.  I like nothing more than going home and curling up with a good book or good movie but no, instead I try to forge on with the list, the never ending list of to dos.  As a matter of fact I just made out my new list of baseline weekly events which includes multiple writing sessions, work outs, stage time minimums and some reading.  The basics.  The writing and reading should be easy enough but the workouts will be a challenge unless ping pong matches count.  When I woke up this morning it was 1 degree out.  1.  That’s too cold to run in even in my Under Armour Cold Gear.  But it is a new year and if I ever want to get anything done, to be anything other than what I am now, I’ve got to push myself, redefine myself.  What better time to start that process than with the beginning of a new year!  Welcome in a new me, a better me.  Yes 2013 will be the year of the new me!  Or better yet, 2013 will be the year where the definition of workout includes ping pong matches!  I guess I’m still the same old me.

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