On the 9th Day of Christmas

I can’t believe today is the first day of the new year. Normally I am ready for this day. I would have contemplated the prior year, set goals for the coming year and been ready. But not this year, or at least not yet. I’m still recovering from Christmas and everything that entailed. I’m still tired from a long year and haven’t been able to look ahead, to dream of what is to come. So on this ninth day of blogging and the first day of a new year, these are the 9 pipers from 2012, the things that made noise, good or bad, in my year:

  1. There’s been an emotional strain on the family. Although all are here an physically healthy, it’s been a long trying year for some. I am hoping that 2013 brings peace where it is needed most,
  2. I always say you grow more through the hard times than the easy ones. So to take from the challenging circumstances of the year, I’ve learned a bit about compassion and forgiveness.
  3. I feel like I’ve turned a corner in comedy. What’s around the corner is yet to be truly seen, but I feel good things are to come. I’ve made some strides and plan to keep on stepping.
  4. I bought a shed. That has to mean something other than perhaps I am an adult.
  5. I started composting, a gentle reminder of the circle of life.
  6. I bought the most energy efficient heating system on the market, a shiny reminder of the need to conserve and not waste resources.
  7. I started a new job, a realization that this kind of day job is still unsatisfying even for a new more socially responsible company.
  8. I’ve been even further inspired by the man. Everyday, well most days, he inspires me in some small way whether it’s with a subtle an act of kindness or even larger act of resilience, he has so many traits that I admire. At the end of a year, I realize how lucky I am.
  9. I realized that I still have a long way to go. Although the past is always there, I can’t look back, but rather will look always at this moment and savor that time and will hope for an ever brighter future.

    For this new year, I wish that everyone finds their little piece of hope and big helping of happiness that makes it all worth while. Happy New Year!

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