On the 8th Day of Christmas…

Eight maids a milking – that is a lot of dairy product.  Let’s just say that each maid milks only one bucket of milk that is still at a minimum eight gallons of milk and that’s using small buckets.  What to do with eight buckets of milk?  Well of course you know the cream rises, so start by skimming off the best.   Now let that sit around and clot and then skim that off and that’s the best of the best.  Now you have something so delicious to spread on a scone.  We’ll put some aside to churn into butter, but that will require some Dutch maids.  We can have the French maid make some fromage, the Italian maid can make some parmesan and the Spanish maid some Manchego and now we’ve got a cheese shop.  We’ll use a bucket or two for iced cream, my personal favorite dairy product, and we’ll have some straight up whole milk too to use in the frappes.  Finally, once all the nutritional value is stripped from the milk, we’ll use the rest as a fungicide in the garden. You heard it right, a fungicide, one of the little known uses for milk. Whew, I thought we wouldn’t be able to use all that milk, but maybe we should get those maids bigger buckets.

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