On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

…my boss gave to me, 5 days of in a row!  He didn’t actually “give“ them to me, I have accrued plenty of earned time to cover it   He did give me a bottle of German spiced wine.  The bottle says that you should heat up the contents before drinking.  I’m hesitant to try it but at the same time curious enough that I will but it will have to be on one of those days off.  Alcohol is not a friend and if I have more than one drink I get a headache, more than 2 and I get really mouthy and 3+, I just feel like shit and usually throw up.  So maybe Christmas day after all the festivities have ended and I’m back in my little house, I’ll have a small cup in front of my fancy little Christmas tree.

I am excited about have 5 days off.  It will be the longest stretch off since I started my job here last March.  Although I am looking forward to the time off, it won’t be a relaxing break by any means.  The next 4 days will be a storm of activity and preparations for those activities.  Tonight I’ll do some last minute shopping and bake the long shelf life treats like biscotti, candied nuts and maybe some caramel popcorn.  Tomorrow will be a day visiting the grandparents and more baking and wrapping.  Sunday the football crew will hanging around for most of the day until we head out to a party.  That’s the Secret Santa night!  I coordinated a secret Santa with 74 people!  I hope it works out that everyone gets their gift but I’m sure I’ll hear about it if it doesn’t.  Then Christmas Eve will be spent with the man’s dad and most of his family only to wake up the next day to spend Christmas Day my mine.  Wheeew.    Then a quiet day.

I have every intention of spending next Wednesday in silence.  I might not even change out of my pajamas although I probably will.  I don’t like lying around in my actual pajamas but will put on an outfit that closely resembles pajamas.  I will drink eggnog and watch Elf and eat cookies.  That is the perfect day off for me and I can’t wait!  Who needs 5 golden rings when I can have 5 days off!  Merry Christmas to me!

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