On the Third Day…

Three French hens?  I do like chicken but opted for a burger today for lunch.  There’s a new burger joint close to work and my friend Ken and I went for lunch and then for a quick run through the Christmas Tree Shop.  If there is anywhere that you are likely to find French hens, it’s the Christmas Tree Shop.  They have everything imaginable and even some unimaginable things.  Who knew there was such a thing as port wine jelly?  Certainly not me until today.

I also didn’t know that there is a company that must be run by someone with an obscure name whose been scarred by a childhood void of trinkets adorned with their name…no combs that said Trevor or notepads and pencils that said Shaniqua.  At the Christmas Tree Shop I saw a rack of jingle bell ornaments with names on them and thought I’d get one for the man to hang on the tree.  He has a reasonably common name that even has a more common short form nick name so I figured either would be an easy find.  As I weeded through the ornaments noting Briana, Trinity and Pierre, I realized that the days of the Tom, Dick and Harrys might be gone.  There was Olympia and Kayla and Avery but no Anthony or Tony, no Jennifer or Jenny, no James or Jimmy, no Thomas or Tommy.  So the man will go without an ornament with his name on it…unless I start calling him Francesco.

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