On the Second Day of Christmas

I set one goal and I’m already running behind.  Just blog about my 12 Days of Christmas but there are already only 11 day until Christmas.  I have to either write a blog entry every day until then or stretch out my goal to include the actual 12 days of Christmas which means I have until January 6th to write 10 more blog entries.   Hopefully I’ll meet myself somewhere in the middle and post my final 12 Days of Christmas entry on December 31st.  I think I just set myself another goal!

So on this second day of Christmas blog, there’s lots to prepare for this weekend.  Tonight my friend Stuart is having his semi-annual Christmas party.  This party is so good that he can’t even have it every year.  Two years ago was his last party and he not only had a great band and great food but he had acrobats, yes, acrobats!  Not only did they hang a trapeze from the warehouse ceiling (yes my friend Stuart owns a warehouse where he throws this gala) but they also walked through the masses, and I mean masses, of people contorting and flipping themselves over and over throughout the night.  It was surreal like something out of Vanilla Sky.

So although this party is not to be missed, I might have to miss it because fortunately like so many other Friday nights, tonight I will be telling my jokes.  I’m busy this month with comedy and I’m glad because I have two new jokes that are working reasonable well and one is holiday themed so it has a short annual shelf life.  So what to do tonight – show up early for the party, stay briefly then go do my thing or go do my thing and show up late.  I did that one year and boy was that weird.  I went after my show and by the time I got there, the band was playing down and playing, soft moving music that people were creeping around the dance floor to while another group was capping the night off with a smoke and pondering the meanings of everything and at the same time nothing.  I met some interesting folks that night and looking back I realize how lucky I am that I get to wander into such places and times.

So what will tonight bring?  It’s hard to say as every night is different and every show brings a new crowd.  All I know is that every day brings a new adventure and hopefully today’s adventure will include hot chocolate and a stop at Stuart’s party.

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