The First Day of Christmas

I’ve set another goal, a small goal like my goals tend to be.  I’ve been slacking lately with my blog.  I’m not sure what direction to take it but I know I need to point it in some direction, have some sort of theme, a persona, a something.  I’m slowly directing my comedy and would like that to be reflected here as well.  Easy enough, goal set.  Well not so fast.  I’m a procrastinator by nature and hate to jump straight into things, so before I set my new course, I’ll run a short themed series of 12.  The 12 Blogs of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas…

Well, it’s actually not the first day of Christmas.  As I learned a few days ago, the 12 days of Christmas actually refers to the 12 day beginning after Christmas until the Epiphany.  Well who knew?  Certainly not me, I thought Christmas started on November 1st this year, the day after Halloween when Sears forgot about Thanksgiving and loaded up on Christmas decorations to sell to the masses.  Since then it’s been a bombardment of advertisements and holiday hounding.  The newspaper is filled with sales fliers, the grocery store is filled with red and green HoHos and M&Ms and the charities have all come a callin’.  Despite all the commercial noise that Christmas makes drowning out the true meaning of the holiday, I love this time of year.  I love the hustle and bustle of the mall, the Christmas carols that are played through the gas pumps as I’m filling my tank and the seasonal treats like eggnog and Panettone.  I love it all.

So on your first day of Christmas, whenever that might be, I challenge you all to offer your true love a partridge in a pear tree which is quite a challenge since partridges are very hard to come by.  In lieu of that offer a good deed to someone in need.  Slip a dollar in some homeless person’s cup instead of buying that scratch ticket that you know isn’t going to be a winner or say something nice to the weird girl in the office who never brushes her hair.  Offer the spirit of Christmas to someone who needs it and embrace the season!

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