Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which has always been one of my favorites.  It’s a time where we celebrate the bounty and give thanks for all that we have.  I’m lucky and my family is lucky.  We have plenty to eat and roofs over our heads.  We will spend the day together eating, drinking and making merry!  It will end with board games and a stomach ache from that last bite that I couldn’t resist.  This year the table will be especially full with in-laws, friends and extended family.   I hope I’m at the kid’s table which has always just been my nephews who have all almost reached their 20’s.  I guess it’s not the kid’s table anymore, but rather the fun table.

As fun and relaxing as Thanksgiving is, we all suffer through the stressful preparations.  I thought I’d start it out right and get myself prepped so I cashed in a Groupon and signed up for a yoga class at a yoga/Ayurveda studio near my house.  90 minutes of Hatha yoga should be no sweat – literally, not sweat, it’s the easy yoga and I am not new to yoga.  However, I showed up and started to sweat immediately.  Although it’s not hot yoga, the studio was hotter than my house is in July.  Good call wearing my new long yoga pants and long sleeve shirt.  I made it through without too much trouble although the head stand required a nearby wall.

As the session was ending we relaxed on the floor, centering ourselves.  Then it hit.  I felt more nauseous than I ever have in my life.  I had cold sweat and chills all at once.  I ran to bathroom hoping not to throw up on the studio carpet.  I didn’t throw up but could barely get back to my mat where I laid in child’s pose while the other students were shuffling out.  The instructor came over to me and asked if I was ok and explained that the series of movement we did were designed to flush out all the toxins and negative emotions that were pent up.  He said I must have a lot of toxins stored up.  He suggested pinching the skin between my thumb and forefinger which is a natural relaxation point.  I said thanks but I have to go before I throw up on you.

I went home crawled into bed in my sweat drenched yoga outfit.  I woke up 11 hours later.  I was still a little shaky but felt good enough to shower and get to work. I guess while I was sleeping I managed to tuck most of those toxins and negative emotions back into the hiding places where I keep them.

So tonight on the eve of the feast, I will be up late into the night baking away, making up for the time lost on Monday so tomorrow we can all eat drink and be merry.  I will also cancel the yoga class I scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I’ve got to keep all of the ill will, anger and hostility that a day spent with family and friends quite often evokes repressed for at least the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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