Strange Day or Is It?

It’s a strange day.  Waiting for the elevator in the lobby of my rent paying job, was a man dressed in very nice black slacks and a gray, skin tight Under Armour shirt.  I guess it matched if you go by color alone but I doubt it would hit the Garanimal standard.  I opted for the stairs.  Three flights later, I swiped my security badge to unlock the palace door and was immediately entrenched in U2’s Beautiful Day and a petite Asian man belting out the chorus.  A beautiful day indeed.    

It wasn’t until I scanned Facebook and read the endlessly unoriginal comments, that I realized it was Friday the 13th.  Perhaps this has something to do with the strangeness of the day which had yet to get less strange.  I ran into my boss who was dressed like someone who couldn’t decide if he wanted to be in Grease or a Frankie Avalon movie and went to a meeting which usually has a double digit attendance level to find only three people.  In the absence of the meeting owner, I was asked to run the meeting which I am nearly certain had nothing to do with the lack of participants.  Meanwhile, a odd back splash from the kitchen Kuerig stained my white sweater and our DBA is eating macaroni and cheese on a bagel. 

All of these oddities cannot be Friday the 13th happenings.  According to Facebook, encountering a hockey masked serial killers should be the only out of the norm occurrence.  There can only be one plausible explanation.   I have woken up in one of my multi-verses.   I spent most of yesterday weaving in and out of déjà vu and although many dispute the connection between déjà vu and string theory, I do not.  Today I am in one of my multi-verses.  It’s the only possible option for the oddities of the day, which of course are not oddities here.  The only question now, how do I get back?

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