Two Weddings and a Funeral

What a strange week it’s been, not so much in my life but around me. 

First I found out that not just one, but two, TWO, men that I know got married.  People get married every day but do they get married to people that they have been seeing for less than 6 months and seemingly on the spur of the moment?  Maybe this is some kind of trend that’s happening.  I’m not really up on trends.  I still wear corduroy skirts which according to a recent Facebook post, I should stop doing.  If the ad hoc marriage is a new trend, it would explain the rise in divorces.  As a friend put it “You should know someone’s favorite color before you marry them.  How else will you know what color you children should be brought up loving.”  As I said, things around me have been strange lately. 

Aside from marriages, there has been a death.  He father of a woman I know died unexpectedly last week.  I saw her today and told her that I was sorry to hear about her father and she said “Thank you” which is exactly what I expected, but then she went on to tell me that her father’s death has been quite convenient.  That is not something you hear every day.  If you think about it, death is rarely convenient so good for her!  Because of the bereavement days that her company offers, she was able to test the international cell phone she got for her daughter to with her to Europe.   Lucky timing indeed. 

Originally I planned to write about my weekend and title it “4 Turkeys and a Squirrel” but oddly enough the unplanned seemed far more peculiar.

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