A Golden Night

It was a golden night last night at the Comedy Studio.   Sean Sullivan, a person favorite comic and person, hosts the Thursday night shows which are sometimes tough with small crowds and lots of newer comics.  Last night was not that.  There were a few newer comics offering the typically tasteless array of jokes about lady genitalia, midgets and poop, something every bar offers every night of the week these days, but they were quickly forgotten.   The true show was with the more seasoned comics, those who have moved beyond the easy, those who have found their voice.

The show was stacked with some of the best that Boston has:  the writers, the thinkers, the charismatic and the original.   Kelly McFarland was the first of the who’s who of the night. The young comic before her had ended his set with a typically puerile offering offending and belittling every woman in the building and rather than ignoring the crude and distasteful attempt at humor, she embraced it, made it her own with her confident sass and sharp wit.  As a comic the opportunity to react to a situation is not necessarily rare, but is often lost to routine or lack of skill in handling them, cast aside and wasted.   It was a treat to see someone capitalize on the situation and make a statement of her own.  The show continued with Tony Moschetto, a truly rare and unique voice, Mike Whitman, whom I have always admired for his character and talent, Tom Dustin, someone I feel lucky to call a friend and ended with Gary Gulman, the first comic I ever saw that drew me in.   I remember watching Gary on TV and was so impressed with his ability to express the level of angst we all feel without being the angry comic that we all have seen.    Since then I have seen the angry side of Gary as well as the gentler, but to this day I remember the balance he showed and am still impressed by it.  The show wasn’t to me the highlight of the night, it was what happened after.

There’s a long tradition of the comics hanging out after the show. Rick Jenkins, the Comedy Studio owner and friend, plays host to the myriad of comics that pass through the Studio.  The comics from the show and lots of others appear.  People drink and talk and just linger for hours and usually until the bars close.  It’s this time that makes the night. It’s not the social group that I seek, frankly I often like to just sit quietly and watch, be.  With the right mix of people, it’s the sharing of ideas, stories and thoughts that I like to see.  I love to feel the energy in the room, the life.  It’s tangible, thick and infectious.  It’s beautiful.  Last night the mix was perfect, the stars aligned and it was a golden night.

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