Keep at It

It’s Friday night and I have just completed my third month of my new job. Before I started there I was hesitant. I was afraid of all that the change would bring and it turns out I was right and at the same time wrong. The work itself is fine, the company very nice but the infringement on my other life is significant. If you read this blog you will notice minimal entries. I can no longer blog at work. At work I now work. I work almost non-stop all day. Occasionally I take the water cooler break, well actually I rarely talk to anyone at the water cooler people stop by my office, and those breaks are short. I take a walk at lunch to reenergize for the afternoon but other than that I work. I like the work, it’s challenging and semi-interesting but it’s not the life work I am trying to move toward. It’s the kind of work that makes me understand why lots of people never do anything but work. When I come home I am spent.

The life trap. It will kill you every time. I’m falling into it and I’m trying to catch myself before I can’t get out. I’ve set some goals, put together a task list and know where I want to be. I have three years to get there. I know that seems like a long time but it’s not. My goals are lofty, beyond my grasp right now “Ah but what’s a dream for…” I stole that from Browning. “Eye on the prize.” I stole that from Rocky or is that Eye of the Tiger? What ever it is, I have to stay focused. I have to keep moving forward with everything…comedy, writing, reading, life. Keep growing, changing, living. I think that’s the key along with not eating Doritos or drinking soda. Whatever it takes.

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