Iced Cream

Memorial Day was yesterday which means the summer has started. Today I even wore open toed shoes to celebrate. Soon enough white pants will appear. Summer. It’s a time for cookouts, beach going and iced cream. I love iced cream. LOVE IT!

I love all flavors and styles of iced cream. I love soft serve and hard iced cream and gelato and frozen custard, although it’s hard to come by around here. I love it all. I even love every flavor. I choose my flavor based on my mood and of course the season. I don’t eat much chocolate iced cream in the summer except the occasional swirled soft serve. I reserve that flavor for the winter along with the candy and cookie mixed in flavors. They are heavier and keep me warm. In the fall I like the nutty flavors like maple walnut and pistachio and in the spring I like the berry flavors. In the height of the summer I like vanilla and black raspberry and the occasional sherbet. In my freezer right now there are two flavors, strawberry and black raspberry and some classic Hoodsies. I bought the Hoodsies for a cook out we had on Sunday.

It was the second annual Memorial Day eve cookout. When I offered the Hoodies, no one wanted one. I was taken aback. Who can deny the Hoodsie? Come to find out, half the people didn’t even know what a Hoodsie was. How is that possible? Well, I’ll tell you. It turns out the Hoodsie is a New England thing and not all my friends are. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a single serve cup of iced cream. It’s half chocolate and half vanilla and best eaten with the wooden paddle it comes with. They are delightful and now I have 30 of them in my freezer. No worries though, they will not go to waste. I’m actually going to go have one now…I need a bumper sticker that says I break for iced cream. Put that on the list.

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