Today is Mother’s Day. I am not a mother but I have a mother. We all have a mother or had a mother at one point in time. My mother is the regular kind of mother or at least what I’ve defined as regular kind of mother which if course is based purely on my experience of having a mother, a regular mother. When I was little my mother was at home when I came home from school. She was on the PTO, made snacks when I needed them to bring to school and helped with my homework. She set the household rules, she cut the lawn, made the dinner and managed the family finances. She hemmed my pants, made me go to art lessons and taught me how to wash the windows. She was always busy doing something for someone or the family as a whole. Her life wasn’t just about the family either. Once we were older she started to work, returned to college and got her masters degree. All the while tending to family, herself and my father. Long before Nike thought of it, her mantra was “Just do it.”. That is probably the greatest lesson I learned from my mother.

So for Mother’s Day I invited everyone over for brunch. I invited my mother, my sister who is a mother, her family of course, my brother and his family who declined the invitation due to sever asshole-itis and the man’s mother. It was delightful. We had two kinds of scones, my specialty, three kinds of quiche, two types of breakfast meats, hash browns and a fruit salad compliments of my sister. My sister makes an unsettling good fruit salad regardless of the season or available fruits. It’s a talent. She too became a mother like our own. She just does it. She raised three good men, maintains a good marriage and has a significant career. The man’s mother is a good mother too and as a single mother, raised three good people, works and keeps a lovely home.  She just does it as well.

So to the mother’s in my life, thank you all for being who you are hard workers, loving people and strong independent women and positive influences in my life. I hope you enjoy your Gerber daisies.

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