Week 6, Day 1

It’s Sunday morning and the quiet is beginning to fade. I was awake at 5:15 and although I tried to roll over and fall back asleep, I went for a run – week 6, day 1 of the couch to 5k training. It was good. I love this time of day, the still time, the silent time. I’m still no running and have yet to feel that “runner’s high”. Maybe runners just get high after they run. I’d ask for the specifics on this runner’s high thing from a runner if I knew any. Most people I know have the good sense to exercise in more exciting manner like playing tennis or doing Zumba or even the ritualistic and masochistic gym thing. That used to be my work out of choice but that experienced soured. I known too many crazies who are gym rats. There must be something to that so to rid myself of the crazies and lower my chance of meeting new crazies, I avoid the gym. Given my crazy schedule, running is the exercise of choice these days.

I run a few different paths although they are all about the same. Sometimes I take this street over that one or a left instead of right, but essentially they are the same. I avoid hills or even any slight graduation in the the landscape. That’s a little tricky but any incline and running seems that exponentially harder. I figure once I can run for any respectable amount of time, then I’ll tackle the inclines. Right now I’m focused on not having to lay down on the pavement in the middle of my run. That’s actually trickier than it sounds. I run by some nicely manicured lawns that seem to scream to me “take a break come sit down”. I am tempted but the thought of someone finding me asleep on their lawn and merely blocks from my house keeps me going. I don’t want to end up in the local paper’s police log with the headline “Lazy Runner Napping on Neighbor’s Lawn”. I don’t need that kind of publicity. I’m trying to blend in to my new community.

So now it’s already 8:15 AM and I’m ready for a nap. That’s the problem with getting up early to run around the neighborhood, napping and the inability to stay up past sunset. At least I’ll be napping on my own lawn. No crime there.

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