Day 2, Week 5

I just came back from a run. Well, a partial jog. I started a Couch to 5k training program those of us who jog like Elaine dances. We just shouldn’t but we do. So I’m in week 5 day 2 which means a 5 minute warm up walk, jog for 8 minutes, which by the way is a lot harder than it sounds, walk for 5 minutes then jog for another 8. It sounds simple enough but I challenge any non-runner to try that and let me know how it goes. So tonight while I was out I saw some interesting things and some not so interesting.

I run past a Dunkin Donuts and a convenience store that share a parking lot. The parking lot is always loaded with a dozen or so cars yet there is usually only one or two people in the Dunkin Donuts and one if any in the store. Tonight was no different however there was a man in one of the parked cars who was reading a book. It wasn’t a casual flipping through the pages. He was really engrossed in the book and looked as if he’d been sitting there for a few chapters at least. I don’t know why he was there but he should have treated himself to a cup o’ Joe so he didn’t look so sketchy. Shortly past the sketchy reader, I saw a used pregnancy test stick on the ground. Yeah I live in a classy town (read with think Boston accent). As I jogged past the registered sex offenders house, I saw nothing. Thank goodness for that.

The highlight of my jog tonight was the bike riding dog walker. I’ve heard about him, but thought he was merely an urban legend. He’s not. He is for real. A man was riding his bike while walking two dogs. One large dog to his right on a leash, slowly bopping along and a tiny little dog to his left, barely keeping up. The man, dressed in a leather bomber jacket and scaly cap, was merely pedaling slowly and rhythmically along, not phased at all by the spectacle he was. That made me feel far less self conscious about my awkward, arm flailing running style.

So I might not be running on Dr. Suess’ Mulberry Street, but I look forward to what I might spy on day three of week five.

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