Implementing the Plan

I’m six weeks into my new job and today I start the three year plan.  The job is everything I expected.  It’s work I already know how to do.  The projects are coming and I’m finding my way.  That’s what I do.  I analyze the situation, put together a plan and implement the plan.  I’ma  business systems analyst.  I know you didn’t think I was that boring.  I don’t think I am but that is how I spend my days.  As much as I like the company I work for and the work that I am doing, I have to start inching my way down a different path.

The three year plan. Looking back the time flies by.  Three years ago seems like yesterday but looking ahead seems so far away.  If I blink the three years will fly by and I’ll look back to today.  I hope I’m not in the same place with the same unfinished projects the same bad habits.  I’m a procrastinator.  Although I don’t spend much time loafing around, I always have something in the works, it’s just not the right thing.  I don’t have to have the beautiful garden and organized basement.  I don’t need to run or take the long walks.  I don’t need to grocery shop and cook every night.  I need to focus.  I need to get it done.  I’ve told myself this before.

It probably seems that writing this blog is another example of my procrastination but it’s not.  It’s actually part of the plan.  Sure it looks like white noise in a cyber sea of endless and seemingly meaningless chatter.  Maybe it is.  I started this blog just for me.  If anyone else reads it, that’s just a bonus.  It’s a place for me to write, to think.  To document and plan.  So today start the plan and in 2015 when I look back, I will not be looking back from here.   Of course I will probably be sitting on this same exact sofa but I will be in a different place.

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