The Path

It’s Saturday afternoon and typical. I got up this morning and met Bob for breakfast which is the best way to start any day. We had a pleasant conversation that left us both with some homework, me to stop putting sugar in my coffee and him to get a Rodney Yee DVD, not unusual assignments. Then I bought some groceries, picked out some bathroom tile, bought some more groceries and took a little nap. A typical Saturday and now I should get ready for tonight’s show, a typical Saturday night.

Tonight I’ll be at the Comedy Studio, my favorite showcase club. It’s the first club I performed at and it’s where I like to just go and hang out on the few occasions that I got and hang out somewhere. Tonight I am going to wear my new red boots. I love them. The only question is, as always, try the new jokes or keep them at home? I won’t be able to resist slipping at least one in the middle, but it will all depend. I don’t have the confidence in it since this one has never been spoken but am pretty positive that even in it’s early form will get a chuckle or two, hopefully 3. I’d like it very ready to go for next weekend though when I’ll be working a more typical 3 person show but we’ll see how it pans out tonight.

So before I head out and preparing for the joke telling, I am writing. Although I don’t write here as often as I’d like, I write a lot these days. The jokes are coming more easily and I’ve started a weekly article on a website. Check it out at the link at the bottom if you’d like to read that too. Every time someone reads it, I get $.001 – who said you can’t make a fortune on this inter-web thing? Writing is the key, the answer, the path. The path to where you might ask, I wish I knew, but for now it’s the path. So sty tuned for what’s to come and in the mean time, check this out…

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