It’s Sunday morning and my procrastination is acting up again. I had a list of things to get done this weekending and so few are checked off. Actually nothing is checked off which will make today a busy day. I already feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. The worst part is is that I know it is me telling me to put things off. I am my own worst enemy.

This morning, actually yesterday morning but I rationalized it over to today, I was going to start my Couch to 5K training. I have no particular 5K that I am training for but I figured running is the best, most flexible exercise option for me. I don’t even know how long a 5k is but in eight weeks, I should be able to run one. So when I got up this morning it was raining and not that hazy drizzle either, down right rain. Running is going to be ugly enough, I shouldn’t have to do it in the rain. Plus I don’t have a wind breaker which is on the list of to dos for today. Get a wind breaker. Procrastination at its finest.

So instead of running through the neighborhood getting rained on, I am here in front of the computer with a cup of coffee blogging. This too was slated for yesterday but I ran out of time. I was booked for three shows this weekend but got bumped. The headliner was bring his own feature so low man that I am was pushed aside. I was really looking forward to the show too but that’s show business for you. Sometimes it stinks. Since I had that extra time, I was going to spent the whole weekend writing but instead ran errands, made Mr. No Game a birthday cake and went to his show last night. He was great as usual. As I sat and watched his hilarity, I hungered for my own. After the show I had a second piece of birthday cake and now as I remember that, regret even more so not running in the rain.

Well, it is still early and I have the whole day in front of me to write. Well maybe not he whole day, I have to go to brunch at my mother’s, put the ribs in the oven for a special dinner for the man, do my nails, clean the closet, pick out work outfits for the week (A new time saving strategy I am implementing), sweep the floors and run to Sports Authority to exchange a shirt and perhaps get that windbreaker that had I already…excuses, excuses. I do have to write a new column today for She Budgets which is a website I write for. I hope at least that gets done and I guess I should run…although maybe I should get the windbreaker and maybe some new running shoes first…damn you procrastination!

Here’s a link to my weekly column if you’d like to read that too…

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