In the Stream

This week I started a new job. It is essentially the exact same job I had for the last 12 years but in a different place. Sure the business is different but the work is the same. Analytics is analytics. I’m a business systems analyst. Give me a system and I’ll show you how to best use it. Give me a problem and I’ll give you a solution. That’s what I do and I’m good at it. And this week I really realized that that’s what I do.  This week I realized that that is not what I want to do.

On the surface my life seems all settled in. I get up every day, have some breakfast and head off to work with a travel mug filed with coffee and an NPR podcast queued in the iPhone. I drive down the highway along side other cars that look just like mine and people who look just like me. I file into the same building that so many other people are filing into everywhere. I spent the next 8.5 hours working and then go home. I go home to a house that I own (well the bank owns for the next 29 years), a boyfriend that I love and another life. I go home to a life where I don’t want to be that same fish swimming up that same stream. I want to be in a different stream, a different ocean actually but you probably get the point.

Sounds easy enough. I should just jump into another stream and start swimming. But the stream I want to swim in is pretty hard to get to. I have to cross mountains ranges and plains and entire continents to get to that stream. To make it worse, the stream I want to swim in is small and doesn’t pay well. I don’t need a ton of money but I have a mortgage, bills and I like to eat. I don’t live large now but don’t want to live much smaller. That practical side of me ironically enough makes me a good swimmer in that stream and unfortunately keeps me in my there. That’s a problem but luckily I’m a problem solver.

I need a plan…

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