Ten Things About My New Job

  1. I have the exact same job in a different place.
  2. There’s more diversity in my department than in my entire town.
  3. Workplace comfort factors makes me feel very uncomfortable.
  4. I must have a very bad hair style. My assigned work buddy suggested I try Hair Cuttery.
  5. No one talks to people in offices. Cubicles are friendlier habitats.
  6. The stairwell smells like turkey on Wednesdays and bacon on Thursdays.
  7. Leon’s Doppelganger runs the little cafe in the building lobby.
  8. Free coffee doesn’t taste as good as it should.
  9. I thought Oskar Schindler was my neighbor. Naming conference rooms after social activists is strange.
  10. Non-profit’s got it going on.
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