Limbo: Day 3

I guess Wednesday’s aren’t considered hump day when you have nothing to get over. For me it’s just Wednesday and it feels good. The weather is unseasonably warm so I’ve taken advantage. I dropped off my car for work and walked home, walked back to pick it up and walked to the grocery store and back. It gave me a chance to listened to some Story Corps and an episode of This American Life, my two favorite podcasts. I might not live in Cambridge but I can listen to NPR and pretend I do. I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, played my Scrabble moves and realized that I might be an elderly woman, well at least today I am. I am also meeting an old friend for dinner, literally old, she is in her 60’s. We are having dinner at 5 pm. Maybe this is what retirement would be like.

One of my goals for the day was to put away the two bags of cubicle clutter that I amassed over the years. I’m not quite sure what to do with these things. I figure that I shouldn’t bring these old cubicle items into a new cubicle but rather start collecting new things so one day I can take those things home and not know what to do with them. So what do I do with the old mugs with catchy phrases and vendor logo pens? I’ve got magnets and name tags, lanyards and clips. I’ll use the extra sticky notes that found their way into the bag and of course my red stapler will eventually make it’s way to the desk but the other things that I couldn’t throw away at work I can’t seem to throw away at home either. I guess I’ll box them up and put them in the basement never to look at them again. Hoarding, another sign that I might be an old lady.

Well for today my tasks are almost done. The sun is shining, the percolator perking and now I can check off blogging. Now Old Lady Julie can get ready for dinner. I hope I’m home in time to watch Murder She Wrote.


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