Today is my first day unemployed sine I was 24 tears old. That was when I finished college. Yes, I spent as much time as possible avoiding what I thought was the real world. Although this unemployment is only for 5 days, I feel an enormous weight has lifted only to be replaced by another. If this was merely a week or even a day off, I would be worrying already how I would catch up on everything once I returned. It might not always be in the forefront of my mind, but somewhere in the back of it, I would be fretting about the burden of my return. But I sit here today not with the worry of catching up after a week off, but rather the concern that I don’t waste this precious time in between.

I imagine most people would spent this week relaxing. Maybe catching up on movies they haven’t seen, reading the books they haven’t read or doing nothing, literally nothing. I have a list of things to do too all with the intention of relaxation yet responsibility. Responsibility. That’s my downfall. I am responsible. Already today I’ve dusted the house, swept all the floors, cleaned the inside of the microwave, folded the laundry, filed some paperwork for a new free lance gig and now I sit here writing. Why am I not watching Maury or Judge Judy or any of the other daytime life sucking television shows? Why don’t I still have my pajamas on? Why can’t I just do nothing.

I’m not wired for lethargy. I’m a doer. I get stuff done. That is how I relax.   The list of to dos for this week is pretty long. I want to capitalize on my time with no “day job” pressure. I have lots of writing to do, hopefully I can schedule another project interview, get to three yoga classes, at least two open mics, spruce up the wardrobe, get to Goodwill to drop off some stuff, finish reading my book, write some more and write some more after that. I also started a jig saw puzzle that needs to get done so I walk through the living room without having to hurdle it. Oh I also need to go to town hall to get a permit for a shed. I also have to buy a shed. So much to do and only five unemployed days to enjoy doing it!

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