Almost Over

So it is my penultimate day at this job after 12 years. I found another job after barely looking. It wasn’t that hard to find somewhere else to work. I didn’t think it would be. Frankly, I am good at what I do and interview well. I can be charming when I want to be. It doesn’t actually happen often but it can. So after working at the same place where very few people ever leave, the reactions of my coworkers have been mainly one of two, happy for me or angry at me. I’ve also noticed that the two camps are also of the two camps that most people are in.

The people who are happy for me wished me well as soon as they heard. Word spreads fast here. They are also the people for whom I have an enormous amount of professional respect. There are good people here who do good work. They are professional, smart, responsible and decent. On that count I have been very lucky. I have crafted a note to them stating as much. I only hope there are some of the same at my new place of employment. If not there is at least free coffee. Little things make me happy.

The people who are angry at me (I’m sure it’s less anger and more resentment and envy, the root of alot of anger) have literally stopped acknowledging my existence. They avoid my cubicle isle, brush by me quickly in the hall and don’t take my calls. Even the people splitting my duties don’t want to meet to discuss what I do and what they will need to do. My manager hasn’t even seen to that. He’s in this group. Very mature, very responsible, very symptomatic of this place. These days the negatives are outweighing the positives. So I’m leaving to find a happier place.

Before I go however of course there will be cake. It’s an office after all and what’s a day with a cake? There were those who were there to genuinely wish me well and I appreciate that more than I show. There were those there out of obligation who schmoozed and left without a word. And there were those that I have never even seen who just wanted cake. I don’t blame them, I like cake too.

There are bright spots that I am leaving behind and that makes me sad. I will miss my lunches with Larry and Lester, the daily panicked calls from Patrick and Cathy calling me with the same old questions. I’ll even miss my morning chats with my boss. We rarely talk business but rather family stories and ideas for inventions. I hope he invents something or else he will slip even further into the gray masses. I’ll miss Bernard and Horsby too. Of course there’s the football league, Dave, Chris and the lot. I’ll miss them too but I can’t stay for the few sunny days. There’s more that I won’t miss, too much to miss and I am trying to leave in a positive state.

So tomorrow is the last day I will spent in the place I have gone almost every day for 12 years and I am happier than I am sad. I am leaving there ahead of the game. I’ve learned an enormous amount, made some good friends and had some great times. I hope I can say the same when my next journey ends.

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