It’s 6 am and I am already at work.  I’ve been up since 4.  4AM. I had to kick off a database update my last at this place.  This is my last Tuesday here as well.  I quit my job.  I didn’t quit in some fit of rage.  I didn’t quit to pursue the dream of a stand up career or to write the novel that never seems to get written.  I’m not that brave.  I quit this job only to go work at another.  It’s actually the same job in a different place more or less.  All places are the same.  I don’t expect anything different.  Sure the faces will change and I think my cubicle will be smaller but it will be the same.  I already met m new boss who is eerily similar to the current boss.  They even have the same haircut.  How could two totally different people get the same bad haircut?  Despite my slight hesitation and natural fear of the unknown, I’ve never been happier.  It’s as if I did spontaneously quit after finally being disgusted enough to walk away.  Or at least how that seems it would feel in the movies.  Funny thing is, I didn’t really go looking for a new job, the job pretty much came to me.

I have been at my current job for 12 years.  12 years.  I’m a System Analyst.  I implement new information systems and upgrade the existing ones.  I’ve been pretty much doing the same thing with the same people for that entire time.  Sure the technology has changed but nothing else has.  When I started the pharmacy system was mainframe based.  For those of you non-techies, that’s like playing old school Nintendo.  The system was like Missile Command and the system we are on now is like Playstation.  Just to be clear, Playstation 1.  I did recently help implement an RFID system which is more like Playstation 3.  So some things changed but some things did not.  The turnover here is minimal as my 12 year stint indicates.  I work with almost a dozen people who have been here for close to 30 years.  I didn’t want to be one of those people.  Now I won’t be.

One day I was chatting with a friend of mine about work and he mentioned his company was looking for IT folks. He told me I should check out their website which I never did.  I was busy, somewhat content in my current job which happens to be a 5 minute commute from my house and I didn’t remember the name of his company.  About a month later he sent me a link to his company’s website and about a month after that I looked at it.  I saw a job description that looked exactly like mine minus the annoying parts of my job.  A week after that I sent a long my resume and within a week I was offered a job.  I gave my notice a week ago and now here I am tying up loose ends.  Today’s loose end needed tying at 4 am.

So after sitting in the same place, in the same chair for 12 years I’ll be leaving.  I’ll be going to a new place, sitting somewhere new every day.  Change has never been something I’ve embraced.  I actually fear it.  I like routine, the expected, the ordinary.  But I am unexpectedly excited about the change.  I am eager to start this new venture.  I hope they have comfortable chairs.

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