Monday, Monday

So it’s Monday morning and once again the plan has wavered. I was supposed wake up in Connecticut but with only a smoking room available, we declined and just made the drive home. The man and I don’t go away often and it is mainly work later when we do like last night. We both worked Comix at Foxwoods and were going to stay for the night. Its an occasional perk that comes with comedy, a free room. When we went to check in, the woman said they only had a smoking room available. Gross. My hair already smells like smoke from just walking through the casino to get to the club. I don’t want to spend the night sleeping in a smoke drenched room when my own bed is merely two hour away.

The plan was to do the show, spend some time trying our luck with the games and wake up this morning to head home stopping leisurely for some breakfast at a diner along the way. That was the plan. It would have been fun but we were both tired and instead came straight home after the show. Now here I sit quiet, my own mug filled with coffee while the man sleeps silently in the next room. We probably won’t go to breakfast but rather just have some bagels and begin our ordinary days. Thinking I’d be in Connecticut, I took the day off from my day job. I probably should have gone in but didn’t. Instead I’ll clean the house and write, run some errands and read. A typical day off. I wish the plan played out. It would make for a more adventurous day, but you never know what’s to come.

Perhaps I will make it an adventurous day. I could check out the new yoga studio or start running like I’ve wanted to. Perhaps I’ll try a new recipe for dinner. The sky’s the limit! Who knows what the tide will turn…maybe clams that I could use in my new recipe.  Who knows what this day will be!

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