No TV Tuesday

The average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co.  I don’t watch that much TV every day but I watch my fair share which in my mind is alot more than I should.  Also according to the all so knowing Nielsen Co, 49% of Americans say they watch too much TV.  I am one of those people so I’ve decided to instate a “No TV Tuesday” policy.  I know, you are wondering how I will know what’s happening on NCIS or The Biggest Loser if I take Tuesday’s off.  Don’t worry, I don’t watch those shows.  Watching violet crimes and fat people cry on TV has never appealed to me.  I like sitcoms.  The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Whitney top my charts these days.

Beyond watching sitcoms, there are lots of other things that I Iike to do which don’t get done because watching sitcoms is easier.  I can lay down while watch sitcoms.  I guess I can also lay down and read which perhaps I’ll do tonight since it’s no TV Tuesday.  I can also lay down and write which perhaps I will also do tonight.  I didn’t realize how much I like to lay down.  Maybe it should be don’t lay down Tuesday although that isn’t as catchy.  Maybe I should just not focus so much on all the things I can do while laying down.  No TV Tuesday actually came about because I want to disconnect so I can reconnect.  Sound paradoxical but it’s not.

Like everyone else, I am plugged in constantly.  I watch TV, am on the computer, play Scrabble, text and every other electronic thing else imaginable.  I want to disconnect with the electronic world so I can reconnect with the real world…if there is still a real world out there.  I want to have a conversation that doesn’t included LMAO, LOL, TTYL or any other acronym for phrases I never use.  I want to interact and create rather than watch.  That’s why I was never a cheer leader.  Why root for someone else’s successes instead of celebrating my own?

Is not watching TV going to help materialize some of my creativity?  We’ll see.  If I had more self discipline, I wouldn’t need some flashy marketing scheme to just sit down and do something.  But lack of motivation is a big part of the problem, that and a full time draining day job and a house to upkeep.  I see how easy it is to whittle away your life.  I like easy.  Easy is a biological imperative that we as humans have yet to evolve out of, conservation of energy.  Hopefully my desire to create and become will surpass my tendency to rest and settle.  I was going to mandate “Technology Free Tuesday” but I figured slow and steady is a better approach so for today just no TV.  After all, if I had taken a more radical route how would I have posted this?

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