I have a new addiction – Scrabble.  When I was little I had the little kid version of Scrabble.  The words were pretty much already spelled out, you just had to match the letters.  Where’s the challenge there?  I eventually started plating the classic Scrabble board.  Our game was old with wooden tiles and racks to match.  The board was a heavy card board and burgundy colored.  Eventually we got another game and the letters inevitably mixed so we played not until we ran out of letters but until we ran out of board space.  My sister still has the game.  She keeps the letters in an old Cool Whip container.  I moved on to the deluxe board that rotates and the tiles fit into plastic frames on the board.  It’s hard to clean up but it prevents the old “accidental knocking the board so the game is ruined so I didn’t lose” trick. I had that mastered.  Now I’ve graduated to online Scrabble.

I play all day, constantly checking my games, words streaming through my mind.  I play with friends and strangers as well.  It’s easier to play with strangers actually.  When I play with friends there is the inevitable resentment of the slaughter on one side or the other.  I play with Mr. No Game and he forfeits when he is loosing by too much and gloats when winning by too much.   My friend Bob quits too when he’s getting slaughtered and encourages me to quit when I am.  I think he’s gloating when he does that so I prolong the game by playing the shortest, lowest point words possible.  He doesn’t appreciate that.  Some people don’t like to play with me, but I think I am quite amusing.

That’s why I took to playing strangers.  It’s easy.  You don’t even have to know them.  You simply have to click on “Join Random Game” and there you go.  You’ve got a new playmate.  One of my first random games paired me with an older lady.  She was smiling in her picture and had all gray hair.  She kicked my ass.  I offered her a rematch and she kicked it again.  She’s scrappy.   We’ve played a few time now and she wins sometimes and I win sometimes.  I’ve played a few times with another old lady too.  We’re a pretty equal pairing.  I’ve met lots of old ladies playing Scrabble.  I like the old lady games.  I also play bridge, or used to, but that’s a blog for another day.  It’s almost 9:30, I’ve got to go to bed…a bad side effect of playing too much Scrabble with old ladies.  The good side, I get up at 4:30 now and crochet lace doilies.

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