The Man is coming home tomorrow.  He’s been gone for three weeks to the day.  He takes a long trip every year and although I try to join him for a few days when I can, this time I couldn’t.  Although I have missed him while he’s been away, the time flew by and I’ve enjoyed my time alone.  That is one of the best things about our relationship, our independence or I should better say lack of dependence on each other.  That doesn’t mean I don’t count on him and that he doesn’t count on me.  We count on each other for the important things just not always the little things.  We eat together but got to the movies alone more often than not.  We go to family events together but sometimes alone.  We go to different open mics, but sometimes the same ones.  We are very similar people but have many differences.  He likes Kettle chips I like regular chips.  He doesn’t like fish sticks.  I do.  He likes olives.  I don’t.   He has a Blackberry.  I have an iPhone.  We both know who we are and who we are not and we like each other anyway.  That’s why this works so well.

I had a list of things to do while he was gone.  I got some done, some didn’t get done.  I cleaned out the closet and most of the basement.  I did not resurrect my gym routine although got a walking route down.  I gained a pound instead of losing five.  I did caulk the bathtub but didn’t fix the cabinet shelf.  Too late now.  So after three weeks on my own, I’ll have to readjust to not being on my own.  I won’t be going to bed so early and I’ll be eating healthier.  I guess those are good things.   It’s been a cartoonless month which will end.  I’ll probably exercise more and wrote more.  Boy I might not be so good on my own after all.  Anyway, I have to prepare for his home coming…stock the fridge with seltzer, remember to park my car on my side of the driveway and maybe I’ll shave my legs.  Maybe.

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