Separate Lives

Before 9 am I had already met with a group of physicists, physicians and VPs.  Last night I was surrounded by comics and magicians.  This is my life, a dichotomy that is slowly but surely coming closer and closer together.  By design I keep my work and work lives separate.  I need to be taken seriously by day and not so seriously by night.  Other comics don’t really care what you do during the day hours.  We all figure it’s how you pay the rent.  Although the reality is that the day jobs are more likely to be the life long careers.  The folks I work with during the day are far more intrigued by people’s night lives than the night people are by the day lives.  Until recently most of my day time peers had no idea that I venture out at night to hurl jokes at people.  No idea whatsoever.  Thanks to Google and under worked coworkers, I’ve been recently outed at my day job.

A few people know I do stand up at night, but it’s nothing I advertise.  I’m certainly not ashamed of the comic life I just prefer to keep the worlds separate.  Recently a coworker randomly Googled me and well, there’s no hiding on the internet so word has spread that this is what I do.  For some reason this intrigues people and I’m not sure why.  There is a woman who works with me who has show dog, Afghans specifically.  No one asks her about that.  As a matter of fact people avoid asking her about it.  No one talks to the cat lady either.  People talk to me though.  As people have found out, the reactions have been almost identical, disbelief.  I have yet to meet anyone who knows me outside of the comedy realm to say “Well of course you do comedy.”   Instead they say “Really?”   Then they ask the same series of questions: where, what’s it like in a comedy club, how much do you get paid and are you going to be on Last Comic Standing.  I’m often asked if I know Jerry Seinfeld or Dane Cook.  I do not.

No comic has ever asked me if I know Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.  They don’t ask what it’s like inside an office building or for that matter how much I get paid at my day job.  No comic is in disbelief that I have a day job nor do they think it’s a bizarre or unusual “hobby” nor do they ask when I will compete to be the Last System Analyst Standing.  This is why I prefer to keep my lives separate.  People are dumb and irritating and now everything I say is supposed to be funny.  As if my day job isn’t un-fun enough.

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