A Perfect Day

Some of my favorite days are days are the most ordinary days. Some people plan their perfect days. They fill their calendar with lunches, movie dates and parties. I’m not one of those people. My perfect days just happen and yesterday was a perfect day.

It started like most other Saturdays do with coffee and a croissant with dear friends who are truly genuine and grounded. We spend the early morning hours talking and sharing thought on anything from the stock market to Karma Tube. Saturday morning coffee is my favorite activity of the week. In a world of seeming chaos and uncertainty, it’s my stabilizer. It’s that moment of silence when I hear everything.

By the time I left the coffee shop, the snow had started and the roads were pretty slick. I headed to the hairdresser for my monthly hour of beauty. It’s actually almost three hours of beauty. I have a new hairdresser, Anthony, and he’s a bit slow. I don’t really mind, he’s pleasant to talk to, the salon is small and despite the constant flow of customers, it’s usually fairly relaxed. Alex, the owner, has a wonderful way about him, calm and confident. He sets the tone. Anthony does a great job and I leave feeling beautiful…or at least with beautiful hair.

Good god I hadn’t realized how hard it’s been snowing. I slid all the way to my car and then slid all the way home. I changed my sheets, cleaned the living room, vacuumed the rugs and out the leaf in the table. Time to shovel. I don;t mind shoveling. Despite the sounds of scrapping the pavement and traffic slogging through the slush, there’s a silence when it’s snowing. I love that. My neighbor was out shoveling her walkway as well. She’s a nice older woman whose name I don’t remember. She’s always friendly and quick to greet me when we’re both outside. I keep meaning to make her some cookies (that’s my thing, I give people food) but haven’t had the time. Maybe tomorrow. As I was finishing up my driveway I was wondering if I should help her. I wondered how I would get into her yard – my side yard faces her back yard and I’d have to walk quite a way to get ver to her walkway unless I jumped through the garden. She finished up just before I did so no need to get into her yard. Maybe next time. I should figure out the best way to get there before then. These are the details of life that plague me.

After all that work, I think I deserve dinner out. Sure it’s only 4:30 but I haven’t had a bite since the croissant. What better on a cold snowy night than Pho. The best thing about my little neighborhood is the little Vietnamese restaurant within walking distance. Across from that is a Thai diner and next door a convenient store. When I first moved here I went into the store a few times and the man was always polite but not friendly. He didn’t smile or say anything to me except the price of what I was buying. One day I went in with my ohm charm visible and ended up having a very long one way conversation with him about it. He is Hindu and has very thick Indian accent. All I understood from him is that he is Hindu, he believes in the universal connection and he thinks I am a woman who holds some high religious position. I do not. When I go in there now he always smiles a big smile and is very pleasant although we have had no more conversations beyond the “how are you?” and “thanks” level. I like him.

So now back home where I ended the night watching a DVR’d episode of Grimm and finally finishing reading a book I started a month ago. Now with a wonderfully uneventful day behind me, it’s bedtime. Although there was nothing special about this day. There were no celebrations, no major events, no drama unfolding, this was a great day. I like the simple things, the silence and the diligence of a day like today. It’s what I aim for everyday but rarely achieve. I get wrapped up in the world swirling around me. In my pursuit, I’m often distracted by the noise. Maybe I should start everyday with some silence, a few moments of grounding. Then maybe everyday will be like these Saturdays. OR maybe I should just start everyday with a coffee and croissant. That sounds better!

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