Good Night and Good Luck

My final show as Comic in Residence was a good as it could have gotten.  It was New Year’s Eve, the place was packed and the audience was engaged.  That’s all I could have hoped for.  Even better than that, two of my favorite comics were on the show, Dan Boulger and Jon Rineman.

Dan is a gifted comic and a great guy.  He had my favorite joke of the night.  For some reason, at the end of the show there was going to be a champagne toast.  It was really more of a hassle than much else.  The show ends at 10 so it’s not even as if it’s midnight and they randomly did a count down.  It was a little odd.  So Dan starts his set asking if everyone is excited about the champagne toast at 10pm.  “Happy New Year’s Iceland.”  Sure not the funniest thing he said but it was a great example of the way he thinks.  He sees absurdity and comments on it.  He’s great at seeing the ridiculousness of a situation even the most simple.  He’s always great to watch.

Jon told his story of the night his wife got thrown up on while on the NYC subway.  I’ve heard that story from both him and his wife and laugh every time.  I actually like Rebecca’s version better but it’s only because I like the more personal perspective of the one who was thrown up on.  She’s very funny.  They are a nice couple.  It was nice to see her as well that night.

After the show I rang in the New Year with some friends at The Studio, oddly enough almost the same group of people that I was with last year at the Studio on New Year’s Eve.  It was a great way to end my month and year.  I learned more this month about myself and my comedy than I think I have in the last four years.  I got to work with some amazing comics and met some great new people.  Hopefully I’ve emerged a better comic and slightly better person.  It was a month of growth.

I have Rick Jenkins to thank for the opportunity.   The Studio has always been a special place for me.  When I started I just wanted to be able to do a set there.  Goal achieved and surpassed.  The final assessment of my month is yet to come.

Although I looked forward to the slower pace of January, it hasn’t quite set in yet.  I did the First Jokes of 2012 show on New Year’s Day then headed to Seattle for a few days and a few shows.  What a way to start the year. Happy New and I hope 2012 brings happiness and love to all of you!


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