Penultimate Performance

Friday night’s show was my penultimate performance as the Comic in Residence.  If you don’t know what “penultimate” means than you have probably never been to the Comedy Studio.  Rick Jenkins, owner and manager, uses the word every time the second to last performer goes on.  Penultimate means second to last.  He got that word from Zack Sherwin, aka MC Mr. Napkins, who does a rap about it.  My second to last night at the Studio went very well.

I had a great set, perhaps one of the best I had all month.  It wasn’t hard.  The show was packed with the kind of audience that loves everything they hear.  There was a man laughing so hard at my second joke that I had to stop and tell him to pace himself.  He had a loud and genuine laugh that was funny in itself and it helped make the night.  The show was fantastic and hosted per usual Friday night by Ken Reid, my favorite story teller.  He was all dolled up in his Mad Men era blue suit, narrow tie and of course a tie clip.  Mike Donovan, a Boston legend, closed the show with a bang.  He was great and he knew it and that was great to watch.

So my run is coming to an end and a great run it has been.  Tomorrow will be my final show as The Comic in Residence and it is also New Year’s Eve, the last show of the year.  What better way to end a great month.

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