Half and Half

On the first night of my month long stint as The Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio, I was told that I would have one good Thursday show, one and only one.  Sean Sullivan has been hosting Thursdays for a while now and he would know.   Fortunately he was wrong.  I had two and a half good shows.  I am taking last night as half a win, I guess that would actually be a tie.

The Studio was packed last night.  They actually had to turn people away.  The crowd was packed in and before the show they were loud.  Lots of chatter.  Once the show started they were quiet, surprisingly quiet.  They were one of those up and down crowds.  Up and down.  They liked this but not that, that but then not this.  I had a fine enough but not great set.  Fine enough.  I hate fine enough.  I did however do all the jokes I wanted to do which is an oddly difficult thing for me.  I go in with a few I want to do and usually miss at least one.           So that was a win.  People didn’t just sit there and stare at me so that’s a win.  I’m reaching, I know.

I didn’t stay for the whole show.  There were really only two people I wanted to see, Jimmy Tingle and Myq Kaplan, but they were up last.  The place was so crowed that I had to spend the entire night in the closet – not hiding my sexuality, literally standing in the closet.  It was the only free space available and it was cold in there so left.  I got home and Mr. No Game was sitting in the office.  He had written funnier new jokes than any I have to tell.  He’s funny.

So although the night wasn’t the greatest, it was a reasonably good Thursday.  I had some laughs, got some laughs and went to bed early.  I am claiming a victory or at least half a victory.  That makes me .500 for Thursdays for the month.  Take that Sean Sullivan!

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