Fresh Faces

Wednesday is traditionally the Fresh Faces showcase at The Comedy Studio.  There are new comics mixed in with more seasoned comics and last night the show truly ran the gamut.  I like a show like that.  I like watching a progression.  It reminds me of where I started and where I’d like to be.

Tommy Sunshine and SuzyBerlinseemed to be the newest.  I know Suzy and this was only her second time at the Studio.  She had great stage presence and lots of act outs, something I have never been able to do.  Sometimes I wish I could be more animated but I don’t have the need right now in my jokes and it’s not really part of my stage persona.  Frank Santorelli told me once that I should be even more still and the people will come to me.  He said that’s the kind of comic I am.  That’s who I am now but who knows who I will be.

The senior comics last night included Jimmy Tingle and Gary Gulman and no more different could two comics be.  Jimmy has a great way about him on and off stage.  I’ve met him only a few times but every time he’s been friendly, polite and seemed kind.  I admire that in a person.  He’s a political comic and uses his comedy to say something.  I admire that too.  I’ve thought about what I could use my comedy to say, but it seems I have nothing of any significance to say.  For now I’ll just keep telling my simple stories about life as I see it.   Gary had a fantastic set. He usually does.  He exudes confidence which is the key.  I’ve seen Gary now several times over the last couple weeks and have been lucky enough to watch him work out his new Bill Gates bit.  It’s great.  It’s been interesting to see the changes to the joke and also the distractions. Gary goes off on tangents.  Only once have I seen him run the joke though completely but it doesn’t matter.  His tangents are sometimes great too.

I learn as much from the newer comics as I do the more senior, and Wednesday nights at The Studio is the best time to do that.  An odd thing happened last night as well.  A somewhat inebriated audience member got up from his seat in the middle of the show and came over to me and asked me for my autograph.  He even had a little autograph book, the kind my mother bought me for our trip to Disney World when I was in fifth grade.  What was I going to do with Eeyore’s autograph?  And since when have animals learned to write?  (I digress) It was bizarre.  He said this was his first live comedy show and that I was the first real comedian he has ever seen in person.  He should a) realize that the host, the ever funny Rick Jenkins, is actually the first comedian he has seen in person and b) he should look up the word “real”.  He also was kind enough to say that I was really funny and apologized for saying it because he figured people must say that to me all the time.  They don’t.  My family came to see me last week and said that Pete Holmes and Myq Kaplan were really funny (obviously).  They told me I should smile more.  So even though he was drunk, really drunk, I appreciated the compliment.  The show was great, my ego got boosted and all was well last night at the Fresh Faces Showcase.

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  1. Tim Berra says:

    Hello, I enjoy your blog. Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or something? I’m sorry I am not acquainted with RSS?

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