The Beginning of the End

This is my last week as Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio and it could have started any better.  Last night was my final show in The Mystery Lounge and it was an amazing.  I was hesitant when I heard it was the “family friendly” show.  Although I work clean, I’m not a kid’s comic.  I don’t think there are kid’s comics unless you count clowns.  Clowning is an art form in itself and when you see a good clown you know it.  When you see a bad clown you feel dirty, but I digress.  The show last night was sold out.  The room was packed, standing room only.   There were mostly adults but a fair amount of kids ranging in age from what I would guess to be 8 to 15.  Good lord what do I have to say that a kid might even be able to relate to?  Nothing.

I started off with my Halloween joke.  Not the best idea but I couldn’t help it.  I figured kids like Halloween and can relate to getting bad candy.  Sure I’m the one giving bad candy to keep the kids away.  In hind sight, a bad choice.  My new holiday lights joked worked again.  I’ve finally got that working and now it’s almost time to shelve that too.  Then I go with the nephew joke which essentially describes my lack of interest in having kids.  The adults liked it because there’s a truth in there.  I got a great response for my divorce joke as well and per usual the Disney story went well.  I had a very good set and given the circumstances, a better set that I could have expected.

The one issue I had was with a little red headed girl named Jenny who was sitting up front.  She was completely uninterested in anything the show had to offer.  Jenny wasn’t hip to the magic and she certainly wasn’t hip to me.  She wasn’t really bratty, but rather had a core of sadness about her.  She told me there was no Santa Claus.  I love Santa Claus.  I wish I hadn’t talked to her, not because of the Santa thing although that was upsetting, but because she just wanted to be left alone.  I know what that’s like and I wish I had respected that.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed her.  I think everyone on the show commented about her and her lack of interest.  It didn’t seem to phase her but in there some where.  I wish I hadn’t been part of it.

So even though I had a good set and the crowd was great, I, like everyone else, was there for the magic.  Danny Hustle opened the show and was sassier than I expected.  He was delightfully entertaining, had some great tricks and wore a hat of fruit.  What better way to start the show.  Joe Howard who hosted and middled (I’m not sure what the magicians call that spot but he went in the middle) was as clever as ever.  He’s a one man show that I would watch for hours.  I’ve seen many of his tricks before and so spent my time looking, looking for the trick.  I don’t look to discredit the trick but rather to credit the magician.  To Joe’s credit, I have never seen that trick, any trick.  The dice work Joe does is completely fascinating.  He has to be flipping the dice but never once did I see the dice flip.  The big card trick is simply unbelievable and his fruity finally is awesome.  You never see a flinch let alone a fruit.  His casual nature and street performer presence is all the more a draw.

David Oliver closed the show and a closer he is.  Again, I don’t know how the magicians order a show, but if it were comedy, David would a headliner.  He’s what I think of when I think of magicians – graceful, elegant and has a somewhat mystical presence.  He’s immaculately dressed, color coordinated and as well groomed as his work.  He’s rehearsed, confident and flawless.  He was a bit a sassy last night with a touch of arrogance that justified the slick tie and matching pocket square.  He is a magician.  He ended the show with a classic trick, the linking rings.  I was hoping all night that he would do this.  He did a shortened version from what I saw him do before, but it was equally as amazing.  I know how this trick works and to watch it being done in front of my face and still not see the trick behind the trick is a testament to his mastery.  Mastery.

This show was truly a great show.  Beyond the magic, Tony V did a spot.  He was there with his kids to see the magic show and of course was a welcome addition to the show.  He is funny.  He is to comedy what David Oliver is to magic and he makes me look like a kid with a handful of knock-knock jokes.  What a way to begin the end of my stint at The Studio.   I was surrounded my masters of their crafts and loving every minute of it.

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