Holiday Gift

I am a bit behind in my blogging. The last week or so has been hectic to say the least. So where am I? Friday night’s show, number twenty for me this month, was amazing. Just seeing that show was a gift but actually being part of was more than I could have asked for. That being said, it wasn’t my finest moment.

The audience that night was difficult. Not difficult for anyone else, but difficult for me because my family was there. Not only were they there, but they were sitting front and center. My sister and her husband took their three sons and a girlfriends and my mother out for dinner and thought it would be nice to cap the evening off by seeing my show. This is the first time my mother has seen me do comedy.  Nice for then, not so much for me. Although I have a good family and they are reasonably supportive, comedy isn’t something that really fits into the family mold. I come from business people not artistic people. Success in my family is gauged not by personal satisfaction or happiness, but rather by income. I’m behind in the race. They don’t even realize that I’m not even running. Even though I am reasonably secure with myself and life path, I can’t help but to sometimes feel the pressure of not living up to the family expectations and Friday night I felt the pressure. Add in that I was part of a show that included Pete Holmes, Myq Kaplan and Gary Gulman and well, I was not so good, but the show was amazing.

I’ve mentioned Myq before and as usually he was witty and wise. I’ve seen Pete Homes’ Comedy Central special before and seeing him live was even better. Watching him describe coming home to a clown in a rocking chair was so great. Gary Gulman, whom I had seen two nights before, was also a real treat to watch. Gary was the first comedian that I saw (on TV) whose comedy really resonated with me. At the time he was doing his cookie bits and fruit salad, the specifics are unimportant but I what I remember the most is the angst level. He wasn’t an angry comic but rather brought a very human level of frustration out and that to me seemed so real. Since then I have seen Gary many times and sometimes he is that angry comics, but most of the time I love to see the frustration level that I can relate to so well. His current bit about Bill Gates was funny and again just so real. What is $20 to a 59 billionaire? So funny, and so true. Watching some of the best comics around is always a treat and again, being part of that line up was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.

I saw my family yesterday, and as expected there was no mention of my “peculiar hobby”. My family did however tell me how much they enjoyed some of the other comics. They even quoted some of the bits and droned on about how funny some were. I was glad to see that they enjoyed the show and, in a way glad that they are still pretending that comedy is not something I do. I like having this world family free where I’m not forced into a mold that poured 25 years ago. Here I create my own mold that can change and grow.

Show date December 23rd

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