The Christmas Show

I’ve been to the Comedy Studio Christmas party for the last three years. I have never really seen the show. This year I thought I could get a glimpse of it since I was on it, but no such luck. The room was packed at 7:30 when I showed up. People and comics alike filed in and took their seats and standing room only spots. Another night of chaos at The Studio.

For the third night in a row, sketch was the order of business yet I’d have to toss in my 5-7 of stand up. People were running around putting on costumes, checking sound equipment and looking for their props. I had only my jokes and wondering which to tell. I wanted to use my new holiday lights bit but the ending is still weak and in a room full of comics that’s not a good choice. I went with my newer standards, still working them out, and my older Buddhist joke that’s been working better than ever lately. I always liked that one but it never got the consistent response that it’s getting now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more secure in my presentation or too tired to be hesitant with it. Either way it’s on the list for the week along with my new lights bit. I thought of an ending late last night. It will depend on the audience demographics, but the Studio crowd should get it. It’s still not the punch that I want but so far it’s the best ending I have. We’ll see tomorrow.

My set went well, or as well as I expected. I was trapped back by the bathrooms and saw little of the show. I did however get to see lots of people that I haven’t seen in a while. I was very glad to see that Sean Wilkinson finally had a sweater on. Sure he called it a duck suit, but it was more like a sweater than anything else I’ve seen him wear. Tim Vargulish had on his Spidey Pjs and Sean Sullivan was wearing a lovely bow tie…for at least his sketch which also included some electrical tape on man nipples and a pie. What would a Christmas show be without it? Form behind the scenes the show seemed fun but another year has passed and I can’t actually say that I saw the show.

The annual party after was a lovely time hanging out with the same people that I see on a pretty regular basis. I heard some good stories, had a few good conversations and had some laughs. My secret Santa, the ever entertaining Nikki Luparelli, gave my some delightful Godiva chocolates and a special peanut butter cup which will be saved for a special occasion. I passed my gift along to Chrissy Kelleher, the host of one my favorite open mics that I can never seem to get to. Hopefully next year.

I’m down to nine shows left. The month has flown by. So far it’s been great all around. I went in with a plan and some goals but I haven’t been able to complete either as of yet. I’ve just about scrapped both plan and goals. Instead I’ve found other things to focus on. I’ve realized some things about myself and why I am here in the world of comedy that I didn’t expect to find. That is better than any goal I had set.

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