The Walsh Brothers

I wasn’t prepared. I’d heard about the Great and Secret and of course about them but I wasn’t prepared. Busy with my rent paying job, holiday preparations and of course comedy, Friday snuck up on me. I knew the Walsh Brothers were in town and were running a special show at The Studio. I just didn’t know how special. I arrived at The Studio and already the energy in the room was high. There was an excitement in the air. The other comics, the ones who knew, were waiting in anticipation.

Strangely enough the video monitors in the rooms tarted playing the movie Beaches at one of the saddest part of this very sad movie. A few minutes in and people started shouting out comments, loud, sometimes vulgar comments. “You’re mother’s gonna die!” “Shut up!” Came back from the crowd. What is going on? I knew the people yelling were comics, I assumed it was part of the show. This went on for a long time and culminated with Ken Reid, Nate Johnson, James Patterson and David and Chris Walsh singing Wind Beneath My Wings on stage. I didn’t see that coming.

The Walsh Brothers then opened the show with some great jokes and banter. Then I was to follow that. I felt out of place but James, whom I had met before, and Chris and Dave made me feel right at home. I did my business and it went better than I expected. I didn’t expect much for this fish out of water but it worked out pretty well. I was pleased. As the show progressed I watched pure creativity come to life. I could tell the audience wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and frankly neither was I. It was strange and wonderful at the same time. I’ve seen lots of strange things since I started doing comedy. And this night was strange but there was such belief behind it that it was wonderful to watch. There were gators and wizards and popcorn spills, some planking and stories in between. Beyond everything else, my favorite item of the night was the watermelon man. Chris was consumed, gone, lost in this character. It was incredible yet so very credible. The show ended with some full frontal nudity, male full frontal nudity. I didn’t expect that either.

I mentioned in a previous blog that good sketch is hard to find. Well, the Walsh Brothers do great sketch. Find them. Watch them. I’ve added things to my list that I’ve seen in them. Lots of things.

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