The Walsh Brothers Part Two

The Walsh Brother’s second show of the weekend was just as good as the first. The format changed a bit and a couple items were added and a couple taken away. All in all, the show was just again great. Beyond the immense creativity and belief in their art, the Chris and Dave Walsh are good, grounded people which I admire as much if not more than their creativity. The two of them and James Patterson were some of the nicest people that I have ever worked with. They were very welcoming, friendly and offered some generous feedback.

Dave told a story Saturday night about being called to jury duty. In this story Dave talks about knowing the alleged criminal and the alleged criminal knowing him. They grew up in the same neighborhood. Dave tells the story and it is hilarious. Hilarious. Behind the scenes, this story is actually a sad one. Someone dies by another’s hand and there is no remorse. A sad but true and often too frequent a story. This isn’t lost on Dave and although he appreciates the humor in the situation and crafts it masterly to hide the ugly, he is almost apologetic when talking about it off stage. He is quick to say that he doesn’t want to belittle the horror and sadness of the event and what he thinks of the killer. His brilliance in telling the story on stage and removing the personal feeling and distain for the true situation is masterful. He tells the audience only what they need to hear to see the humor. You don’t even remember that a crime has been committed. You don’t see a criminal but instead just a guys from the neighborhood hoping someone’s got his back. It is a great story on stage. It is a sad story off stage.

I often see the humor in darker situations and would love to bring them to the stage. I have not figured out how to eliminate the sadness or anger and negative emotions which often destroy a bit. Dave’s story is exactly what I haven’t figured out how to do yet. Now I see it is possible. Add it to the list, the ever growing list. These were shows number 14 and 15 and have been so far the best experiences of the month both professionally and personally. The Walsh Brothers show is truly an incredible show to see and they are wonderful people to meet.

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