Love at The Mystery Lounge

I’m in love. In love with magic. Tonight was the second magic show of my month long stint at the Studio. If you don’t know, you can go to the Mystery Lounge every Tuesday night and see a magnificent magic show. Magnificent. Tonight Mike Bent, Skip Daniels and Bob Riordan were on the bill. I’d always wanted to go see the show but I don’t have much spare time and going to magics shows never quite made the priority list. Oh what I’ve been missing.

Last week I thought I was just overwhelmed by the mystery. I figured I was simply lured in for a one night stand. The dim lightly, the soothing music and rhythmic slight of hand. Who hasn’t fallen for that once or twice. So tonight I was on my guard, prepared to ignore the calling of the night, but I couldn’t. As soon as I walked in the door, I heard it beckoning my name. Again I fell prey to the call. It started simply enough with a card trick, a story that I’m sure was planned despite the spontaneous delivery. Then the old water in the milk bottle trick. And oh the shimmering coins pulled from the air. I was on the edge hoping not to loose my footing. It was close but then it was my turn and all I had were jokes.

How do you follow magic? Good god he’d pulled cards form a deck that he never should have found. Jokes? I had to sell my jokes after that? Surprisingly I pulled myself together and had a good set. I started out fine enough. I tried a new version of an almost working joke. I’ve never written “on stage” before and always wondered how comics do it. I’m doing that with a seasonal joke which has about three weeks left of life before it gets shelved for next year. I think I figured out the best ending so far but I’ll will have to wait until tomorrow’s show to test. My jokes are a bit smarmy so I’m not sure they were quite ready for me, but I held my ground, made them come to me and I ended strong and then more magic.

Skip Daniels closed the show with a light hearted yet amazing display of mastery. I’d talked to him before the show and had been immediately taken by his quiet and humble disposition. I asked if he was going to do the trick I had learned. He very graciously said he wouldn’t do the trick and encouraged me to give it a go. I declined his offer deferring of course to the master. And he was amazing not only with the trick I knew but also the trick I will one day master myself. He capped the night off by escaping from a straight jacket in 90 seconds. Amazing.

I stopped on my way home and bought a lottery ticket. If I win I am going to magic school, of course not Hogwarts I’m a muggle, a real magic school. Magic.

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3 Responses to Love at The Mystery Lounge

  1. skip says:

    HI Julie, your set was great last night. But it is I who is in awe with what you do. Standing there with only the microphone. You are one cool cucumber. You added big time to the show. You have a confident, calming presence on the stage that is very fun to experience. I hope I get to share a stage with you again.

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