No Rest for the Weary

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  When I was little stores weren’t even open on Sundays.  This Sunday wasn’t a day of rest.  It wasn’t even a day of go tell jokes to fun loving, relaxed audience members.  It was work.  Sometimes there are easy shows.  Everything is working, the audience is in such a good mood that you can say anything and they think it is hilarious even when it’s not.  Sunday’s show was filled with people just looking and scrutinizing and sometimes laughing, sometimes nodding in agreement and sometimes just looking.  Work.

I like shows like that.  It’s where I learn, where I see weakness and where I find the challenge.   Don’t get me wrong, it feels better to walk off stage with applause and laughter than not but when it’s too easy I don’t look back.  When it’s more challenging I look back and see wonder what I could have done better.  Maybe a different joke; maybe higher energy; maybe I wanted them too much and it showed weakness.  Maybe I stink.

My set aside, Sunday was just a nice time.  I saw some good friends and some newer comics that I rarely see but always enjoy their company.  One comic introduced me to another as “the first comic I met when I started.”  It was nice to be thought of that way.  I also got to see Dan Boulger, a favorite comic and person, who made it look easy.  He always does, comedy is one of his gifts.  Sunday was a good day’s work.

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