Friday Night Lights

It’s Sunday and with no time to blog yesterday, I’d be remiss if I skipped blogging about that show. It was great and I was grateful to be a part of it. It isn’t unusual to see some great acts atThe Studio and Friday night you had a chance to see three, Mike Donovan, Brian Longwell and DJ Hazard. Mike sang some carols, Brian demotivated beautifully and DJ closed it out magnificently. To watch and learn from comics who have doing comedy longer than I have even thought about comedy is something that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do. It is also humbling which I am equally thankful for.

My set went fine enough. I ended however on a line that I think is funny, but any audience has yet to truly appreciate. It gets giggles sometimes but not Friday. I should have stopped at the line before but couldn’t help myself. I had the light so I didn’t even want to throw out another even though I should have. Run long or end weak? Most would say run long but I hate going over. It’s rude, particularly on a showcase where there are 9 comics behind me waiting to go and a limit on the show. I’ve watched many run very long and I cringe every time. Lesson learned…end strong AND don’t run long. Something else to work on.

Show Number 8, December 9th


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